Florin Cernat

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Top 10 Young Romanian Footballers As Of July '00

Compiled by Laurentiu Popescu

Florin Cernat

Name: Florin Cernat
Current Club: Dinamo Bucharest
Date of Birth: Mar 10, 1980
Position: Midfielder
Website:Dinamo Bucharest
Comment:As soon as he was noticed, the Romanian press nicknamed Cernat the 'diamond' because of his exceptional qualities. While he was playing for Otelul Galati (Rom I), he was given a central role on the team even though he was only a teenager. Consistent and brilliant appearances attracted the attention of Bayern Munich and Olympic Marseille, but for unknown reasons they both failed to sign him. Last winter his agent, Ioan Becali, bought Cernat from Otelul Galati and latter sold him to Dinamo Bucharest. Florin was received very well at the Bucharest club, but up till now has failed to fully integrate in the team's playing system. Dinamo's coach, Cornel Dinu, was not as easily impressed as the Romanian press was. Although he admitted the player has exceptional qualities, he also stated that Cernat still has plenty to perfect especially when it comes to defensive play. After Dinamo veteran and playmaker Ioan Angelo Lupescu failed to come to terms with the club's management for a renewal of his contract, the press immediately interpreted this as a deliberate move to get rid of Lupescu and make room for Cernat in Dinamo's midfield. He is a regular of the U-21 team and it seems like he is becoming more and more important there. It was rumored that Jenei had plans to call Cernat to the senior squad, but that failed to materialize. It's really no surprise considering his tender age.