Mihai Tarachet

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Top 10 Young Romanian Footballers As Of July '00

Compiled by Laurentiu Popescu

Mihai Tararache

Name: Mihai Tarachet
Current Club: Grasshoppers Zurich
Date of Birth: Oct 25, 1978
Position: Midfielder
Website: Grasshopper-Club Zürich
Comment: Tararache has proven himself to be a talented and hardworking player at both Dinamo Bucharest, his former club, and Grasshoppers. He is the former captain of the U-21 team for which he will soon become ineligible to play. Unfortunately, it does not seem like he will be making the transition to the senior squad yet. Some think that because of his move to Switzerland national team coaches have lost sight of him. While at Dinamo, which he left two years ago, Tararache was able to earn himself a starting position at a very young age. Although the competition within the club was not as fierce as it is today, his accomplishment still has plenty of merit. He was able to reiterate his success at the Zurich where he has become indispensable. Tararache usually prefers a more defensive role in midfield, but he has been known to contribute to offensive actions and to score goals as well. He is a good all around player with a promising future. Many hard-core Dinamo fans still miss his presence in Bucharest.